Z32 Polycarbonate Windshield Kit 300D-018

The 300 Degree Z32 Polycarbonate Windshield Kit replaces the front glass with an anodized aluminum mounting frame and easily replaceable UV treated polycarbonate windshield for racing purposes.

The OEM windshield glass weighs 26 lbs. The Polycarbonate Windshield Kit is 17.5 lbs. for a 8.5 lbs. savings. The windshield wipers are no longer functional with the kit. Removing the wiper motor, mechanism, arms, and controller is another 5 lbs. of weight savings. This brings the total weight savings to 13.5 lbs. and increases saftey by removing glass from the vehicle's greenhouse.

Kit includes 1 aluminum mounting frame with stiffening ribs and floating nut plates riveted, 1 polycarbonate windshield (shown still wrapped for scratch prevention) and hardware. Does not include bonding adhesive or OEM trim pieces. 3M Hybrid Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 4000 UV Black (10oz) recommended.

Kit is for racing use only.

Suggested retail price: $450 USD each. Please note there is a shipping cost increase due to the size of the package, ask your seller for more details.


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